Voyager Capital - What We Do For You

Voyager has institutionalized the three most important areas for adding value that a venture firm can bring to a growing company. By bringing proprietary, world class resources around Go To Market (GTM) strategy, High Performance Team (HPT) building, and a disciplined process around Proactive Ecosystem Planning (PEP), Voyager helps accelerate our companies’ development and growth into market leaders, as opposed to simply providing capital. 

Go To Market Strategy

Voyager can help a company craft and refine its Go To Market (GTM) strategy. We believe that an effective GTM strategy, built from the company’s earliest stages, is critical to a company’s success.  Which first markets should you go after? How do we build long term sustainable competitive advantage? These are some of the many questions we help answer. To assist portfolio companies in GTM strategy development, Voyager has a strategic partnership with the Chasm Group and its Managing Director, Tom Kippola, who is also a Venture Partner with Voyager. Through this partnership, the firm will make available to each portfolio company, free consultations to review their GTM strategy. Additionally, Voyager and the Chasm Group have developed a set of proprietary metrics to help measure and manage the effectiveness of market strategies over a company’s life cycle in the portfolio and ultimately enhance investment returns.  

Based in Silicon Valley, the Chasm Group is the leading market consulting practice focused on helping high-technology companies achieve market leadership positions for their core products and services. Since 1992, the Chasm Group has advised over 600 of the world’s best-known companies. Tom Kippola is co-author of the bestselling business book The Gorilla Game: Picking Winners in High Technology, and he has consulted with Agilent, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, Nextel, Oracle, and other leading technology companies.

High Performance Team Building

Voyager can do more than just help recruit world class executives. We provide our High Performance Team (HPT) approach to identifying, recruiting, and mentoring portfolio company management teams. In its early stage investments, Voyager often invests in companies where the management team is not complete.  HPT development helps to establish high standards that grow existing team members, attract more talented team members and build successful companies. For Voyager, a stage-appropriate, high performance team has several characteristics: a clear vision; a focused and well-defined mission; well-defined, and measurable goals, strategies, and tactics; and maintains and strengthens itself by recruiting and developing the best people. 

To assist in its HPT activities, Voyager has an exclusive partnership with a leading organizational development firm, the Nofsinger Group. The founding partner of the Nofsinger Group, Chrismon Nofsinger, is a Venture Partner with Voyager, and has worked with 200 companies from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies in the areas of individual and team assessment and development, and CEO coaching. Voyager and the Nofsinger Group have developed proprietary frameworks around stages of company development and stages of CEO development, which it uses to help build HPT in its portfolio companies. Chrismon Nofsinger is also the author of the bestselling book on business leadership, The Shift From One to Many.

Proactive Ecosystem Planning

Voyager also assists its companies in working with their ecosystem of companies that might be customers and go to market partners, and have an active firm practice around Proactive Ecosystem Planning (PEP). At Voyager, we make introductions for our companies to build partnerships with market leading companies to leverage their channels in helping to accelerate our companies’ go to market, as well as introductions to leading potential customers. The entire Voyager team and Voyager advisory board assist in making these introductions. Over time, if there is strategic interest on the part of these partner companies, we can assist in working through any strategic options that our company may have.